The best five destinations Gay Friendly in Spain

Turismo gay friendly

Over the past decade, Spain became one of the destinations, more defendants by the collective LGBTI. To the obvious attractions that have always attracted tourists to our country, should add the adoption of the gay marriage law, which has attracted the attention of this group when choosing a vacation destination.

Since Spain has become a fashion among the collective LGBTI have developed infrastructures hospitality and leisure in general this sort of customer-oriented, which are always a good deal for the tourist industry. As well, there has been a proliferation of “gay friendly” establishments through out the country, but there are several destinations that are preferred by tourists for its atmosphere and tradition.

This review is not intended to be a guide to hotels or other establishments geared to the gay clientely, we just want to give some clue about some destinations where the presence of this collective is significant and where to find a favorable atmosphere for you to enjoy your holiday. For those interested in these destinations will not be difficult to find this information in the numerous thematic websites that flood the network.

We began our listing for the capital, in particular by the famous fashionable Chueca neighborhood. This corner of the center of Madrid has under gone a major transformation since the early 1990s and has become a world reference point for tolerance and coexistence, which has been reflected in the emergence of a commercial fabric and hotelier in the service of a thriving gay community.

In the neighborhood of Chueca are the Gay Pride celebrations attract visitors from all corners of the planet, and which have become one of the most multitudinous of the Spanish capital. The Gay Pride Parade is the culmination of the festival, an event full of color and wildness that combines the party with the claim, confirming that Madrid is one of the more open and tolerant cities of Europe.

Sitges turismo gayAnother of the most visited destinations because of the LGBT community in Spain is the catalan city of Sitges, in the region of Garraf. This picturesque coastal village is a classic of the gay tourism since decades and its streets are full of shops of all types to this clientele. In addition, it is just 35 km away from Barcelona, a city of also is modern, open and tolerant with a great atmosphere.

Sitges has beautiful beaches and very animated, in addition to an old town crossed by small streets, always full of people in high season both by the day, thanks to a flourishing trade, such as at night, with a great atmosphere thanks to its bars and nightclubs open until dawn.

Another of the classic “gay friendly” destinations in Spain is the island of Ibiza. This island is one of the Balearic Islands and is well known for its festive and cosmopolitan, and attracts thousands of young people from all over the world who are looking for a holiday of sun, beach and nightlife is spectacular.

In Ibiza we can enjoy its peoples, its festivals, its people, its beaches and its suggestive landscapes. It is an island that has it all and has attracted tourists from all over the world from a long time ago. In addition, there is always a wide cultural offer for those who are looking for a little more than party, sun and beach.

Ibiza destino gay

Speaking of sun and beach,  Torremolinos, Costa del Sol, is also a destination “gay
friendly” featured in the peninsula. If during the day you can enjoy the wonderful beaches of Torremolinos, in the evening, the atmosphere moves to bars and discos
where you live the party until the early hours of the morning. The area where more LGBT tourism-oriented establishments we find is the La Nogalera, located in the center of the Andalusian town.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the beaches of Maspalomas and English in Gran Canaria, other tourist destinations with a wide acceptance among homosexual. This has the advantage of having a mild climate throughout the year, so we don´t have to wait for the summer to spend a few days enjoying these magnificent beaches.

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